Every year more and more people in the UK are experiencing a new way to purchase goods and services by connecting to the internet and joining millions of online shoppers. Choosing anything from ABBA to Zebra fish, insurance, dating, gifts and holidays, the online shopper is spoilt for choice. Buying from abroad has never been easier as most companies have a website offering their goods or services to foreign customers and are displayed in the universal language of English. Goods sold online are usually far cheaper online as the overhead costs are lower and this can be passed on to the consumer.

The only cost that would push the price up will be the delivery charge. This would have to be taken into consideration when buying either online or purchasing locally. Buying multiple items from the same shop online can keep the cost of delivery down as only one charge is applied. There are so many benefits from shopping online compared to travelling to the high street shops, i.e. traffic jams, parking spaces, walking from shop to shop and then going back to the first one you looked at, fuel saving, wear and tear on your car, creating less pollution, parking fees, refreshments and not to mention the rain, having more time for yourself, carrying bags, queues etc.

New research reveals that millions of Britons used their mobile phones to access the internet in 2006, making it easier for anyone with the new mobile phone technology to shop online anytime, anyplace and from anywhere. Christmas time is the busiest period for online shopping and we are seeing a yearly increase in the amount of people buying gifts and presents. A bit of advice for online Christmas shoppers is to make sure you buy your presents early as many items can soon be sold out and some parcels may be delivered too late or not delivered at all. The online travel market sector is also booming and very busy at Christmas time, when people are choosing their summer vacations early and grabbing the cheapest prices as they will slowly increase on a weekly basis, so don’t forget to book up early.

More women shop online than men do which is not surprising as women love shopping and women who work with computers in offices will spend a certain amount of time shopping online rather than work duties. Surprisingly, price does not seem to be the ultimate factor regarding online purchases. Surveys have shown that money back guarantees, ease of navigation and better security within websites are top of the list, which all go towards making a better online shopping experience. Will online shopping ever take over from the high street retailers, let’s wait and see!